I’ve used this image many times before as a reference point for my Nobue obsession, having previously referred to it as ‘the hottest manga page of all time.’ You may have noticed that I used it in the header of this blog, and also used it in a header for my other blog.

It might seem shallow to use this page. It just seems like I’m saying ‘Nobue likes the same movies as me, therefor I love her!’ but that’s not really what makes the image special. It’s more that, I was already in love with Nobue, but there is an extent to which, in knowing about her, I will have to fill in blanks with assumptions. For instance, I already know that Nobue is a cool girl. As a cool girl, I want to believe that she listens to cool music and watches cool movies, but I can’t be sure of those things. When I found out that Nobue was a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it gave me some perspective. If I think about her personality, and then think about the sound of the Chili Peppers, then I can sort of draw a line to what else Nobue would like.

It’s not simply ‘she likes my music.’ After all, liking the Chili Peppers can mean different things – for me, I associate the fact that I like the Peppers with the fact that I like The Mars Volta, because I like them for similar reasons. However, I can’t necessarily see Nobue getting into The Mars Volta (not that she’d outright dislike them.) More likely, I think she’d enjoy something along the lines of Gorillaz, just from what I understand of her personality in combination with liking the Peppers. I still can’t say these things for sure, but it’s a sense I get.

The page above is a very excellent pool of movie choices in terms of telling us what Nobue likes. Her choices are all movies that perfectly balance comedy, violence, and brilliant writing to create top-class black comedy as well as riveting drama. With a pool like that, it’s very easy to see what other movies she’d enjoy (I’m guessing she’d like Takashi Miike flicks and certainly anything by Robert Rodriguez.)

So, sure, it’s partly the fact that I have a similar taste in movies to Nobue (among many, many other things) that makes me love her, but this manga page isn’t just special for showcasing those movies, but laying a groundwork for assumptions on what else she would enjoy.