My attention was brought to Working!! when 2-D Teleidoscope posted about the first episode and a screencap of Kyoko wherein she vaguely resembled Nobue in her maid cafe outfit caught my eye. After watching the first episode, I can’t say I dig Kyoko much. I like her personality fine so far, but her extremely boring character design (in stark contrast to the rest of the rather decently-designed cast) and somewhat grating voice (by Watanabe Kumiko, who I can only vaguely remember as the shadow puppet from Utena) left me largely uninterested in her.

However, I’ve just opened a coodere blog, and Kyoko seemed like decent fodder, so I wanted to talk about her anyhow. Is Kyoko a coodere? So far, signs point to yes. Kyoko is cool in that she is a hard-mouthed and short-tempered older gal with a mean streak and a totally lazy attitude. She shows a little bit of potential dere when she sticks up for her younger employees, though it’s only a vague concern, obscured in the name of comedy. So far, her cool and dere levels are both very low – she doesn’t have any true ‘cool points’ yet, and her dere-fu is yet weak, but we will see how things go as the series continues.