Name: Itou, Nobue (伊藤 伸恵)
Aliases: Onee-chan, Nobu-nee
Definitive Coolness Attributes: Smokes, Rides a motorcycle, Drinks excessively, Likes American music and cinema, Dresses fashionably

Depending on if you read the Ichigo Mashimaro manga or watch the anime, Itou Nobue is a 16 year-old high school student or a 20 year-old college freshman respectively. The age difference does not change much about her personality – Nobue is a very laid back girl with a cigarette always between her lips and a stack of empty beer cans always on her desk. She seems to spend most of her time hanging out with her twelve year-old sister and said sister’s group of young friends. Nobue can sort of be seen as a ring leader of their group, playing a big sister role to all of the friends and not just her own sister. She likes to play pranks and poke fun of the girls, and especially likes to see them doing cute things, or getting involved in cute situations.

Nobue’s extremely relaxed nature is almost zen-like. She can be annoyed by the antics of her young friends or even go into a fit of rage, especially when deprived of cigarettes, but her overall outlook on life is very calm, and she seems to enjoy just taking in the energy of her younger cohorts and enjoying what she has before her.

Coodere Level:
Nobue has the coolness factor to near-maximum levels. Being ultra laid-back, fun to be around, always smoking, and having such impeccably stylish fashion and taste is enough to elevate her to high-grade cool alone, and then throw in her addiction to cute girls, her mode of transportation, and her big-sister attitude, and you’ve got a walking definition of cool. On the dere side, it is not actually clear what Nobue would be like in a relationship at all. It is very evident that she appreciates the moe aesthetic and likes to look at cute girls, but this isn’t necessarily grounds to consider her a lesbian. If it turns out that she really is lesbian or bisexual with a soft dere spot for adorable girls, then her cool and dere points will both max through the roof, but as it stands, without knowing how she would actually handle a relationship, it is impossible to gauge her true dere level.