Name: Hoozuki, Haru
Aliases: Aneki
Definitive Coolness Attributes: Sexually open, walks around naked sometimes, abusive, cool hairstyle

Haru is the non-blood-related older sister of Hoozuki Gorou, and both of their lives more or less revolve around one another in a twisted fashion. Gorou is completely in love with Haru, which he thinks that she doesn’t know, however Haru uses this fact to constantly abuse him. She plays pranks on him in every imaginable way, including using her own sexuality to provoke his thoughts before inflicting some kind of mental harm. She will go so far as to appear naked in front of him or make out with him just to get his reaction for the sake of her prank. She has several female friends who are all a bit strange in their own right, but she has shown no interest in men and refutes the idea that she might have any. Gorou has a blood-related sister who is much older than himself and Haru and is max-level cool, so it’s possible that Haru inherited some of her coolness traits form the eldest sister, even though the two do not get along.

Coodere Level:
Haru’s coolness largely stems from her ability to completely go the distance for a prank. She tends to be very open and shameless, with a blunt attitude that is never shaken. While her pranks can be cruel, Haru always has fun with them and is never in a bad mood. She doesn’t match up to the elder sister who smokes and shows up like a gust of wind at random in terms of coolness, but I’d like to think that she could make it there eventually. At first glance, Haru might not seem very dere because she spends the entire manga abusing poor Gorou, but it quickly becomes apparent that she does it out of love, and perhaps a love even as strong as Gorou’s own. The lengths to which she goes to prank him, even forgoing social interaction in the name of a gag, shows an obsessive level of interest in her brother’s sexual consciousness. Throughout the manga, we are shown the occasional moment of loving-sister-dere, but the most evidence of her dere comes forth in a chapter wherein she sees Gorou actually spending time with a girl from his class. Despite reasoning that it would be natural for boys his age to have female friends, she becomes flustered and ends up stalking the two from the shadows all day long before, at the end of the day, seemingly confirming in her own way that Gorou’s heart was still set on her.